Types of Facebook Ads

Advertising on the Facebook platform can significantly expand the reach of the offer. To promote goods and services, you need to use the service through Facebook Ads Manager, which allows you to set up an advertising campaign in different categories.

It can be goals, budget, audiences and other parameters. Before you start building your marketing strategy, you need to decide what kind, type, or format of Facebook ads is right for your business. What are the types of Facebook ads, ad formats and what are they for?

Using Facebook Ads to Promote Your Brand

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. According to DataReportal statistics for October 2021, Facebook has 2.9 million active users. this number is increasing every month.

In addition, according to SEMRUSH, Facebook is in the top three as one of the most visited sites on the Internet. the social network ranks third after Google and YouTube.

By promoting through Facebook, there is an opportunity to attract the attention of potential customers to your products and expand the reach of your advertising campaign. The main goal is to popularize and increase the recognition of the company and brand in social networks. There are three effective types of Facebook branding ads.

Facebook ad with image

Single Image is the most common type of Facebook ad. An image ad is created simply with a few clicks. You can create an image ad either in Ads Manager or through your own Facebook account.

As a rule, the goal of such an advertising campaign on Facebook is to demonstrate a product, service or brand through a single photo. It helps to achieve the following business goals:

  • Increasing audience interest in the brand and its products. To do this, it is better to use unique photos that convey the essence of the proposal. This method should encourage users to become followers of the account.
  • Increasing product awareness. Using original, bright and interesting photos to make users want to learn more about a product or service.
  • Sending a message. With the help of an image, you can cause a desire to take an action (conversion). For example, buy a service, go to an online store to learn about business details, etc.
  • Given the high popularity of image ads, Facebook offers to place them in the news feed (desktop and mobile versions), as well as on the panel on the right side of the account.

Facebook Ads Local View

In this case, the goal of the Facebook advertising campaign is to expand the customer base at the expense of buyers who are close to the offline outlet. More often, the method works through geolocation targeting, which includes parameters such as a country, city, or several streets located next to the promoted cafes, shops, and other business points.

Facebook Video Ads

With the help of video, you can tell about your products, services or brand more clearly. This can be done using short videos to quickly get to know the collection / brand (fast-acquaintance) or, conversely, longer videos that tell in detail about the advertised trade offer.

Video ad goals:

  • Show the company or its products from the other side, emphasizing the main advantages of the product/service, sharing stories and brand cases.
  • Attract users in the first seconds of viewing. Video is easily perceived, and therefore potential customers like to watch different videos. However, you should not overwork the audience – too long stories are not always watched to the end, which means that the idea remains undisclosed. The optimal length of a video ad is no more than 15 minutes.

Facebook advertising formats for lead generation

After meeting, you should build relationships with potential customers. This stage is especially important as visitors to your Facebook account move up the “sales funnel” by leaving contact information through questionnaires, emails, etc. To get leads, you should take into account 3 types of advertising on Facebook.

Facebook ad campaign with clickable links

In addition to advertising images, entrepreneurs often use ads with links. This form of promotion is usually designed for landing pages. In this case, a selling text is placed under an attractive image, and then a link leading to the landing page of the advertised product.

This option is ideal for new products on the market that no one has heard of yet. By advertising a new product on the page, there is a chance to start a chain of touches from the user, leading to the final purchase. Facebook ads with links will not only give you a flow of new customers, but also provide a database of contacts that will allow you to interact with them in the future.

 Advertising through the carousel

The best option for e-commerce. This type of Facebook ad helps a brand to promote multiple items from an online store. The function will allow you to show up to 10 images for one ad. At the same time, on each image, you can leave a link to a separate product card.

With the help of the Facebook carousel, you will be able to reveal to customers in detail the features of the offer, show the breadth of the assortment and provide a convenient way to cooperate with the online store.

In addition, moving through the ring gallery will help:

  • Focus on the benefits and characteristics for one product. This will help users better understand what your product is good for and why they should give money to you.
  • Tell a story. For example, with the help of several related pictures, you can depict a story about how a client solves his problem with this product.
  • Demonstrate how to use the product. Here you can gradually reveal to people how to interact with the purchase.