Marketing Opportunities on Facebook

More than 50% of the world’s population uses the Internet, of which 2.8 billion people use social media. And in just a year (from January 2016 to January 2017), the number of social network users increased by 21%. As of August 2017, Facebook is the most popular social network, followed by Youtube and the WhatsApp messenger.

Facebook ranks third in the list of the most visited Internet resources and it received a large% growth due to a drop in traffic of blocked resources. Over the past year, Facebook has gained more young audience and become more mobile – 90% of users access the social network through a smartphone.

The annual growth in the number of users promotes the capabilities and tools of Facebook: advertisers can set up advertising on the network – Facebook Ads, use Facebook Pages business pages, communicate in the Facebook Messenger messenger, use all the features of Instagram, as well as the Audience Network.

A mandatory recommendation from the service is to install the Facebook pixel, which will allow you to track campaigns and determine the true effectiveness of the tool.

Various goals and business objectives are available on Facebook: sales growth, lead generation, increasing brand loyalty or awareness. As well as different audiences: targeted, custom or generation of a similar audience suitable for business.

Choose the right goals, create the right audience, understand formats with the help of Admixer’s detailed guide to Facebook advertising. And also see new Facebook advertising opportunities and get fresh global data!

Facebook Ads – Unleash Limitless Opportunities to Grow Your Business

Facebook has a huge number of thematic communities, and every business representative can find their target audience among them. Therefore, advertising on facebook invariably gives a positive result.

Advertisements in this social network can be of several types. Our specialists, depending on the specific tasks assigned to them, will set up for you:

  • conventional targeted advertising on computers;
  • advertising campaign on personal Pages;
  • targeted advertising on mobile devices.

A variety of targeting strategies will allow you to accurately outline the circle of users. For example, facebook ads can be customized by keywords, gender/age, location, marital status, language of communication, place of work, education.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

Social media advertising is always a successful campaign, and Facebook advertising is absolutely a win-win. Today it is the most popular and most visited social network in the world. Its visitors are active Internet users, thanks to the discussions and comments of which your brand will become recognizable to a huge number of interested consumers.

Facebook targeting advertising allows you to create an advertising campaign that has a variety of goals. We will create a campaign for you that will:

  • redirect visitors to your resource;
  • promote your Page;
  • increase user engagement for your offer;
  • stimulate interest in your offer;
  • increase the attendance of your event, etc.

Additional features

Effective facebook advertising is, first of all, a well-tuned campaign. Our experts, having studied the goals of your ads, will help you increase conversions on the site, promote publications and Pages, display your ads in the News Feed on mobile devices.

Different types of Facebook ads have a lot of hidden features (creating custom and similar audiences, remarketing, launching advertising posts for different target audiences, etc.). Our specialists will help you to reveal all the advantages of such an advertising campaign. Order customization of advertising on Facebook and get the maximum benefit from it!

Facebook is redesigning

The changes, which were announced at the annual F8 conference in California, make groups the main part of social network communication for users of the service.

The new design for the mobile app highlights the groups that users have joined and shows a personalized feed of events in all groups that the user belongs to in a dedicated tab.

The application is also changing color – it will be decorated in white instead of the traditional blue color.

Groups, which can be public or private, can be used to connect friends from a distance, bring together people with similar interests or hobbies, and organize events.

Facebook will introduce many other new features. Facebook Dating will get a Secret Crush feature that allows people to “show interest” in nine of their Facebook friends. If one of them is on Facebook Dating, they will receive a notification that someone is in love with them.

If that person has previously added a fan to their Secret Crush list, Facebook will show a match.

The social network will also help to establish non-romantic relationships. The Meet New Friends feature will make recommendations based on certain matches, such as living in the same city or working for the same company.

Facebook will update its Marketplace e-commerce service. People who sell products on Marketplace will soon be able to accept payment directly through Facebook, including shipping costs.

The company is also looking to integrate Facebook’s various online features, allowing users to send messages between WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

According to the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, these changes are the largest in the last five years. Over the past two years, the company has increasingly promoted the use of groups as people avoid public posting on Pages and look for more intimate ways to connect with friends and family.

Zuckerberg reiterated plans for a privacy-focused social platform.

“We don’t have the strongest reputation for privacy right now,” he said. “We need to change the way companies operate today.”

Zuckerberg said in March that Facebook was undertaking a massive overhaul to focus on private and encrypted communications, acknowledging that more people want to interact privately or in more intimate groups.