Why Canvas is needed in Facebook ads and how to use it

This is an additional screen of an advertisement that opens up on a swipe and serves as a landing page. Additional information is placed on it: a video, a product catalog, a selection of photos, texts and buttons.

That is, in the place where the CTA button and the link to the site (chat bot, lead form) are usually placed, there will be a slider with a transition to the canvas.

What is Instant Experience for?

One of the most useful features of this tool is a short landing page in the absence of a site. That is, if your site is not ready yet or you need a landing page for a particular promotion or brand – use canvas!

What can be placed in an Instant Experience?

Video preview of a product or brand as a cover, banner, photo slideshow. Also put there products from the store on Facebook or insert a gallery of photos with links to products and descriptions. You can attach links to files with guides, other videos, YouTube channels, bonuses and utilities, promotional codes.

Be sure to add some call-to-action buttons and informative, helpful text to get you to take that action.

How to create an Insant Experience?

Canvas can be added already at the stage of creating an ad (that is, the campaign and group are already set up). Select “Create ad” => “Single image or video” => “Use Instant Experience” in the ad settings, or immediately select the ad type “Collections”. Then choose a template or create your canvas from scratch.

Or select a collection, then the canvas will be displayed immediately in the ad (right in the feed). Or combine with the main video or photo creative and the canvas will be available at the link.

IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to save – click “Done”! Also, if you change your ad settings before you publish the campaign and ad, the canvas settings will be lost!

Instant Experience Limitations

Canvas does not work in desktop feeds, it is displayed well in stories. You can insert internal links to Facebook pages, calmly enter the names and photos of brands (which is also an important PLUS).

Usually the canvas works on the Traffic, Brand Awareness, Conversions, Reach targets. Doesn’t work for Lead Generation.

ONE MORE FEATURE. Data on canvas openings is collected as a separate metric, you can create a custom audience based on them and use the “warmed up” ones further in the funnel.

Why do I need Facebook Business Manager

Why advertising without your own Business Manager is inefficient and dangerous for the brand. Explain Facebook and Aitarget, the marketing partner of the social network.

Facebook Business Manager is a free tool that allows you to manage accounts, business pages and user access, as well as track statistics on them in one interface. Facebook recommends using Business Manager for all advertisers who manage multiple pages and ad accounts simultaneously with other people and teams both inside and outside the company.

This is especially true for large brands, where marketing is handled by large internal teams and external contractors.

Make a few clicks – don’t risk your business

A regular situation from the practice of the advertising market: a brand turns to an advertising agency for turnkey promotion. The agency already has a Business Manager. To make it more convenient for the brand, the agency creates a business page, account, Pixel, product catalog and other assets on its own – inside its own Business Manager.

Thus, the agency effectively and legally becomes the owner of all brand assets created on Facebook.

At some point, the brand changes business objectives or priorities and decides to turn to another agency. And here the problems begin – all already created assets must be correctly transferred from agency to agency, nothing to lose, but something to be set up again or restored.

This is an optimistic scenario. In a bad case, the first agency, the creator and owner of all accounts and pages, refuses to transfer rights to a new contractor. All access, statistics, pixel data, directories and other brand information about audiences and conversions that has been collected over the years will be irretrievably lost.

Why Business Manager?

Keep all resources under personal control. Create your own Business Manager, where all information will be safe. You can add users to it and open access to individual assets for certain tasks.

So, you definitely need a business manager for:

  • Convenience (more than one person handles your marketing within the company).
  • Efficient management (you have several business pages, ad accounts, pixels and other assets).
  • Security (you work with contractors and agencies that set up and run your campaigns, manage your page, accounts, and pixel).
  • Privacy (you want to separate running your business on Facebook from your personal activities).

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of protection for your Facebook business. You can make it mandatory for administrators or all users who have access to Business Manager, which requires you to enter a special code every time you sign in from a new computer or mobile phone.

All users must also have two-factor authentication enabled for their personal profiles.

Two-factor authentication is recommended for all advertisers without exception. This is a reliable way to protect your account from hacks that threaten to steal money from a payment method linked to Business Manager or completely blocked due to violations of Facebook advertising policy.