Facebook cover video

In order to successfully promote a page on Facebook, you need to create it attractive to users. Then they will be much more interested in the content posted on such a page. And an extremely important component of this process is the page cover.

Often, it only takes a few seconds for the user to decide whether to view this page or search for something more interesting. An attractive cover is used to lure the audience. And Facebook offers an innovation for this – placing a video on the cover.

The pioneers in this direction are the Netflix studio, which was the first to place the video as a cover on the page of one of its series.

How to choose a video

Of course, choosing the right video is the initial and very important step on the way to updating the look of the page. The most successful option is to find or make a video that fully fits into the overall style of the page.

Basic requirements of a social network
There are 4 main points:

  • regarding the facebook cover video size: the minimum allowed resolution is 820×312 px;
  • the best resolution of the video, which will be displayed equally correctly both on computers and on mobile devices – 820 × 462 px;
  • the only video format suitable for facebook cover is MP4;
  • The duration of the video is limited: not less than 20 and not more than 90 seconds.

It is very important to place the video with the required resolution so that it is displayed correctly and beautifully, and not in a compressed or truncated form. The content of the video depends on the goals and objectives of the page, as well as on the content of the content posted on it.

Main trends in page promotion.
The following directions are distinguished:

  • advertising of a product, brand, service;
  • corporate style of the company;
  • congratulations on significant dates;
  • event announcements;
  • something interesting from the life of the community.

Interesting examples of the effective use of video cover

The Hootsuite platform uses a simple but informative slide show to explain to its users the meaning of the complex term ROI. Useful educational program on the video cover.

Delete photo on facebook

Every day, gigabytes of multimedia content – photos and videos – are posted on social networks. Alas, quite often users, when uploading such content, forget one golden rule: what appeared on the Internet remains in it forever. Therefore, quite often questions arise about how to delete photos on Facebook.

Fast and forever

Since Facebook users post images in completely different segments of the social network, it is, of course, impossible to delete all these images with one click and from everywhere at once. However, the photos posted in the personal profile are collected in a special section, from where, if desired, the images can be easily deleted.

Deleting photos in private messages

Erroneously or recklessly sent photos can be completely deleted (so that they are erased both for you and the recipient) only within 10 minutes after sending the message. After that, nothing can be changed, no matter how much you want it to be. Therefore, if you find an abnormal situation, do not waste a second.

To delete a photo in the messenger app for mobile devices, do the following:

  • Long press on the sent picture.
  • When the “basket” appears at the bottom of the screen, click it, and then click “Cancel Send”.
  • Confirm your actions.

To delete a photo in the messenger in the desktop version of Facebook, do the following:

  • Hover your cursor over the submitted image.
  • Select the delete command, and then – “Everyone”.
  • Messages sent more than 10 minutes ago can only be deleted from your history.

The recipient will retain both messages and other content attached to them, including images. If the recipient has already seen the photo sent to him within ten minutes, there is only one thing left: to contact the person with a personal request to delete this message. And the rest depends on your relationship with this user and on his personal qualities.

Delete photos in the feed and publications

Deleting a post with photos that you yourself posted somewhere on Facebook is quite real. If we are talking about fresh and relatively fresh publications, then they can be found in the social network feed. If a lot of time has passed since the publication of the publication, then you can find it in the chronicle.

The deletion is performed as follows:

  • Go to your profile.
  • Open the Chronicle there.
  • Find the desired publication there, click on the three dots and delete it.

You can also, if you wish, not delete the entire post, but delete only the image. To do this, click on the three dots located in the upper right corner and enter the “Edit” option. By clicking on the cross on the photos, remove them from the post.