What is Facebook and why is it needed

The creator of Facebook is a talented and resourceful guy from New York named Mark Zuckerberg. Born into a family of professionals in the field of psychiatry and dentistry.

At the age of 10, Mark received the best gift from his parents – the first computer. Then he learned about the existence of the other side of the Internet, where you can be useful to people. He was fascinated by programming, and he began to create programs for personal use.

One of them served as a player that remembered what the owner was listening to and at what time, so that later he would turn on the same music at a certain moment. Microsoft was interested in the program and wanted to pay a lot for it. But for some reason, Mark refused.

The future billionaire studied at Harvard, it was there that the idea of ​​​​creating a social network came to him. It used to be a site with photos of university students. Two photos were randomly selected and the participants judged who was prettier. In the very first days, this aroused increased interest from the students.

It was not difficult for Mark to write a new site and launch it immediately, and so it was with Facebook. The history of the new social network began on February 4, 2004. At first, it was called “Thefacebook”, and in 2005, the domain facebook.com was bought for 200 thousand dollars.

When writing the site, programming languages ​​were used: C ++, HTML, PHP, Java Script and others. At the same time, the new social network was created in a simple room, and those who lived with Mark helped in its development: Dustin Moskowitz, Chris Hughes and Eduardo Saverin.

Now Facebook is used by almost 2 million people. Capitalization is 123 billion dollars, and the value of the company reaches 95 billion dollars.

Features of the social network Facebook

The maximum number of friends is limited to 5 thousand people.
It is possible to unsubscribe from friend updates without removing him from friends.

You can share information with certain people. When creating a post, just click on the “Available” button and select the people who will see it. After publication, the selected people will receive a notification.

Comments appear not only under the commented post, but also in the timeline.
The same information is sent immediately to other popular social networks. In addition, Facebook is used as a key to most sites. It is enough to log in with it and not fill in the data each time during registration.

In addition to the standard “Like” button, they react to the publication with laughter, anger, express sadness or love.

For the convenience of correspondence with friends, use Facebook Messenger.
In April 2016, live video broadcasts were launched – Facebook Live. It became possible to create videos and share them with friends online.

And in March 2017, “Snapchat” is built in, with the help of which disappearing stories are filmed over time. This entertainment is available in applications for IOS and Android.

How to use the Facebook social network?

FaceBook is a classic social network. Here, if you wish, you can enter personal information about yourself, for example, the country and city in which you live, education, age, etc. You can also upload your videos and photos, create a list of preferences (music and movies, clubs and restaurants, sportsmen and favorite bands).

You can chat with friends, post, and use built-in programs and social network applications (polls, games, and other entertainment). The service can be used not only as a simple social network. FaceBook can be used to promote your own business and attract new customers.

Users registered in the FaceBook social network have the ability to add other participants as friends, subscribe to the pages of other users, “wink” at each other, etc.

Correspondence in the social network FaceBook

All messages on the Facebook social network can be divided into only two types: incoming and other. The second group includes messages that you receive from users who are not on your friends list. This separation of messages is used in order to reduce the amount of spam on the social network.

For correspondence in the social network “FaceBook” a special e-mail is used. What does she represent? Your personal email address looks like this: “your name in the social network” facebook. To view the archive of correspondence, just go to the “Messages” tab.

This will open a window displaying a list of interlocutors. The site also has the ability to quickly exchange messages like a chat. In this case, each of your correspondence will be displayed in a small window located at the bottom of the browser window. This is very convenient because you can chat with friends and explore the news feed at the same time.

Your own website and Facebook

Today, almost every entrepreneur has a community in a social network. Many people use the social network to create a page with their business. You can even create an entire group to promote your business.

If you already have your own website and a page on the Facebook social network, then in order to attract new customers and spread information about your business, you need to make sure that these two Internet resources overlap with each other.

For this purpose, it is possible to place a widget of your group in FaceBook on the site. The group widget is a small block that contains important information about your page on the Facebook social network.

This may be information about the last posted post or the number of subscribers. Using the widget, any visitor to your site can join the community on the social network and receive the latest news about your business.

To add the FaceBook widget to your site, you need to insert the html code on the site page. You can get it from the developer section of the Facebook website.