Episode 21: 11 Ways to Generate Fresh Content for Your Facebook Page


Writer’s block? Can’t figure out what to post on your Facebook page? You’re not alone. In fact, I bet if we surveyed all the fan page owners out there, they’d all admit that sometimes they have no clue what to post on their ... [Listen Now]

Episode 20: Your Facebook Page Sucks! 5 Reasons Why

you suck

Ok so maybe that headline was a bit harsh — but let’s just be honest with each other… Your Facebook Page sucks. I’m not saying you suck personally, don’t confuse things here. I’m just saying that most people marketing their ... [Listen Now]

Episode 19: Stop Listening to Facebook Experts!


The past 2-3 years there has been a huge increase in the amount of people "doing" social media marketing. On the surface that's fine, but in reality what has happened is too many people deem themselves experts. When in fact that don't know ... [Listen Now]

Episode #18: 5 Posts to Increase Engagement on Facebook


Just because you have built a Facebook page and people have Liked it doesn't mean they will engage. So, how can you get your fans to engage with your posts? Let me offer you 5 posts types to increase engagement on Facebook ASAP. ... [Listen Now]

Episode # 17- Live Reaction to Facebook “Phone”


Watching the Livestream of the Facebook "Phone" press conference.. Get my viewpoint live. ... [Listen Now]

Episode 16: 5 Questions to ask BEFORE Posting to Your Facebook Page


Too many times Facebook Page owners are "shotgunning" it when it comes to what and how they post to their pages. But, have you ever put any real thought into what you are posting? Today let's talk about "5 Questions to ask BEFORE Posting To ... [Listen Now]

Episode #15: What Should I Post to My Facebook Page?


Today we will discuss the new Facebook "bug" that caused the Reach stats to report incorrectly for months. We'll talk about how Facebook for Every Phone is taking over the world! And I will answer the question "What Should I Post on My ... [Listen Now]

Episode #14: 5 Minutes a Day to Crush It on Facebook!


On this week's show I'll discuss some updates to Facebook, including: Facebook is now letting your friends promote your posts! And how Facebook recommending you buy your significant other a Valentine's Day gift was pure genius! Plus I'll ... [Listen Now]

Episode #13- Are You a Crappy Fan Page Admin?


This week we'll talk about some new ad formats on Facebook. How Facebook crashed every site in the world. And find out if you are a crappy fan page owner! ... [Listen Now]

Episode #12- Facebook Graph Search goes Live!


This week I cover the new Facebook Graph Search, some changes to recommended pages, a really funny app called Facewash and more. ... [Listen Now]