FREE Way to Get More Facebook Likes!


Some time ago I wrote a blog entitled "Here's a Quick Way to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page", to say the post was popular is an understatement. In fact it was our most shared post on the Post Planner blog in 2013 and tops the list for the ... [Listen Now]

Facebook Reach Isn’t Down! Your Facebook Marketing Strategy Sucks!

facebook strategy sucks

I keep hearing lots complaining that Reach is dead and lots of whining that Facebook is no longer good for pages as no one is seeing your posts. I call bull!! ... [Listen Now]

16 Essential Tools for Social Media Marketers

social media tools

If you want to be a successful Social Media Marketer you must learn to adapt quickly and use the latest tools available to you. You rely heavily on mobile devices and apps to: run successful social media campaigns keep in touch with ... [Listen Now]

7 Simple Ways Local Businesses Can Increase Sales with Facebook

facebook increase sales

Often times on Facebook marketing related blogs the tips and advice given really only applies to online businesses. Most of the so called "experts" giving the advice only run a page for their training in the social media niche so when advice is ... [Listen Now]

How a Page about Deer Has Exploded to 500k Fans with NO Facebook Ad Spend!

deer crossing

Over the years I've seen pages go "viral" and had some relative success with doing so with pages on my own. But that was all before the pesky Facebook page algorithm made things harder. Now when I see a page grow like crazy it's typically due ... [Listen Now]

Is Facebook Edgerank Dead? Plus a HUGE update to Post Planner!

content is king

Facebook had a press conference this week and revealed for the first time what makes up the news feed algorithm. Along with the new transperancy was announced new elements that determine this algoritm, which ultimately shows you what you see when ... [Listen Now]

6 Ways to Get More Likes On Facebook Posts


When you post an update on your Facebook page your goal is (should be) interaction. Which means Likes, Comments and Shares. But how do you get more Likes on those posts? Find out in this week's podcast.... ... [Listen Now]

#26: Should you use a Facebook Profile, Page or perhaps Both?


Should you use a Facebook profile or page for your business? Or maybe both? Let's discuss that in today's show and I'll talk about how Mari Smith and Amy Porterfield do this very well. ... [Listen Now]

#23: 7 Free Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page

Plenty of businesses use Facebook advertising to promote their page apps, but the majority do not. If you’ve built an app that is unique & interesting to your fanbase — and has built-in sharing features as well as an awesome incentive (a ... [Listen Now]

#22: 5 Easy Ways to Lose Facebook Fans!


Want to start losing your Facebook fans today? Then make sure you’re doing the following 5 things ASAP. Because if these 5 actions don’t cause you to lose fans, nothing will!  ... [Listen Now]