The New “FB Newswire” Announcement Pisses Me Off! And Should Piss You Off Too!

facebook_piss_off_icon_by_angrydogdesigns-d73uuwnDid you catch Facebook’s announcement about the new page called “FB Newswire”?

I did and in this podcast I talk about why it kinda pisses me off!

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Facebook just killed Timeline Contests!

killed timeline contests

Just a few months ago everyone was praising Facebook for finally loosening the requirements regarding Facebook pages running contests. You may recall that Facebook required that all contests be run via a 3rd party app on the page and no form of ... [Listen Now]

9 Ways to Game the Facebook News Feed (this Stuff Really Works)

facebook likes

Page owners often complain that Facebook is dead, when the reach of their posts plummets. Fewer fans are seeing content from some businesses, and those companies are crying foul. They claim Facebook is out to get page owners by charging them money ... [Listen Now]

5 Reasons You Should NOT Run a Facebook Page for Your MLM Business

Raise your hand if you or someone you know on Facebook posts often about a product they are selling? Put your hand down silly -- people are going to think you're nuts! On a daily basis I see friends and family members posting on Facebook about ... [Listen Now]

Debunking the “Facebook Fraud” Viral Video


Are Facebook Ads a "fraud"? If you are in the social media marketing niche you've seen the video from Veritasium that has circulated titled "Facebook Fraud". I'll share it below but in this post I want to offer up my opinion of this YouTuber's ... [Listen Now]

Protected: 5 Elements of a Well Made Facebook Page

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7 Proven Ways to Grow a Facebook Fan Base


Perhaps one of the toughest things for any Facebook page owner -- especially new ones -- is growing a fan base. 4-5 years ago on Facebook building a page happened faster as there were less pages competing for our attention. Today however ... [Listen Now]

Stop Bitching About Facebook Changes!


99% of the time the past year or so I've bit my tongue when I hear Facebook page owners and other Social Media Marketers/Mangers griping about Facebook changes. Pre-2013 I would complain about everything and call everyone out when I thought they ... [Listen Now]

PhotoShop is Dead!

photoshop is dead

One of the toughest things about running a Facebook page — or any social media account — is creating quality graphics. I have openly admitted many times that I am not a graphic designer and although I have an old version of Photoshop I can ... [Listen Now]

4 Facebook Posts Guaranteed to Get More Likes & Comments!

likes on facebook posts

Raise your hand if you are looking to get more likes and comments on Facebook? My guess is this statement is true for pretty much everyone. Especially those that run a Facebook page. ... [Listen Now]