PhotoShop is Dead!

photoshop is deadOne of the toughest things about running a Facebook page — or any social media account — is creating quality graphics.

I have openly admitted many times that I am not a graphic designer and although I have an old version of Photoshop I can never figure out what to do with it & get frustrated within the first few minutes.

Which means I either create really crappy graphics or just give up.

Well I’m very excited today to introduce you to a new site that I came across & have been beta testing that will improve your ability to create great graphics & will make your Facebook businespage.

That site and app is called “Canva” — and it totally rocks!

What is Canva?

Canva was created by Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht and Cameron Adams. Originally Melanie and Cliff created a site called Fusion Books that allowed schools to create yearbooks online.

The team wanted to take the technology further and help end the headache of learning Photoshop and thus Canva was born.

What Does Canva Do?

Canva makes graphic design super simple for everyone — including graphic phobes like myself!

  • Canva allows everyone to create professional quality designs
  • Is optimized for social media graphics — especially Facebook
  • It’s used completely online — no software to download!
  • It’s free to use

You may recall in a recent blog post called “4 Facebook Posts to Get More Likes” I used custom images to showcase the tips. I used Canva to create these images — and it only took me a few minutes to do it!

In addition to using the app to create images for blog posts I’m also using it to create cover photos for small business pages and to create images to showcase my products — as seen in the examples below:

space walk bounce house

space walk cover photo

(the phone numbers have been intentionally blurred out for this blog post)

If I had attempted to create either of these images using PhotoShop or just on my own I’d never get finished and it would not be as precise or clear — and it would have taken me a lifetime!

The cover photo image took me a whopping 2 minutes — and most of that was uploading photos!

How do You Use Canva?

Creating designs with Canva is super simple and to show you how to use it I think showcasing a presentation via SlideShare I created using Canva is appropriate! You can view the embedded slideshow below:

As you can see using the app is quite simple and will allow you to create amazing graphics quickly for not just your social media accounts but also your web pages and even for print!

In addition to some of the features shown in the presentation Canva can also create:

  • Documents
  • Presentations
  • Blog Graphics
  • Facebook Cover Photos
  • Social Media grapics
  • Cards
  • Photo Collages
  • Posters
  • Invitations
  • Business Cards
  • or Use a Custom Dimension you choose

Canva is free to use — although some elements will require a fee if you choose them.

The paid elements come into play when you choose an image created by Canva themselves or by a designer that has added their work to the site. Most, if not all, of the paid images will only cost you $1 — which is much cheaper than any stock photo site.

Canva for Designers

Canva isn’t just for beginners like me either….

Canva has partnered with the world’s best graphic designers, illustrators and photographers to provide millions of images and designs to choose from.

We aim to be the best layout, mockup and collaboration tool you’ve ever used. Enjoy seamless collaboration with your clients and team without the need for endless back-and-forth emails.

See with Canva you could be a designer creating images for your clients and openly share the work with them so they can see your mockup quickly and easily. And even allow them to do some editing.

For those in the social media graphic niche imagine creating a cover photo for a client and instead of emailing them and waiting for a response — or worse yet them not having the program to open your creation — you simply share the mockup with them and they can see it live online and can add text changes to it.

If you are a designer you could also create images and designs that could then be purchased by others inside Canva. Anytime someone uses one of your designs you get a royalty!

Overall I think this is one of the best apps to hit the market in a very long time — especially when it comes to graphics.

The fact that I can quickly upload any image from my computer or sync my Facebook images with Canva makes it even easier to use!

vip accessGet VIP Access to Canva!

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