FREE Way to Get More Facebook Likes!

FREE Way to Get More Facebook Likes!

Some time ago I wrote a blog entitled “Here’s a Quick Way to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page“, to say the post was popular is an understatement.

facebook likes

In fact it was our most shared post on the Post Planner blog in 2013 and tops the list for the most visited blog post we’ve ever had.

According to Josh’s post about the top 10 blog posts of 2013 this post gets about 10k unique visitors per day!

Not bad.. Not bad at all!

Especially considering I wrote that piece in early February of 2013!

That’s what you call EVERGREEN!

Revisiting the blog post for the first time in well over 8 months I find that the advice and content is still relevant today — especially with all the talk about Reach declining these days.

Just to summarize here are the quick ways to get more Likes on your Facebook Page:

  1. Be Consistent
  2. Time it Right
  3. Use Eye-Catching Images
  4. Keep it Short
  5. Be Relevant
  6. Use Your Authentic Voice
  7. Include a Call to Action
  8. Be Creative with Apps
  9. Have a Sense of Urgency
  10. Offer Value
  11. Be Entertaining
  12. Be Educational
  13. Make a List
  14. Be Seasonable

How to Get FREE Likes on Facebook Posts

free facebook likes

In light of the so called “declining” Reach I want to give you some pointers on how to get more Likes on your posts themselves — not just your page.

Getting Likes to your Facebook Page is one thing — and kinda easy — but how do you get Likes on the actual posts on your page?

I think that’s where most page owners fall short and get disgruntled — so let’s discuss a tactic you may not be doing and it’s FREE!

Embedded Posts

Facebook recently launched the ability to embed posts onto any website!

At first I glossed over this and didn’t think much about it — I’ve just always taken screenshots of posts and used them in blog posts.

But now you can grab a snippet of code directly on the post and embed that onto a blog.

Let me show you how to do it and tell you why this is pretty stinking awesome.

You’ll need to first find the post you want to embed. You can find it either by scrolling through your Timeline or going to  your Insights.

What you pick will obviously depend on if you’re looking to embed a post relevant to your blog post or show off a popular post.

For this exercise I’ll embed a popular post from our page.

I like to look at the Insights as I can see what posts did well and what posts didn’t.

Based on the Insights of the Post Planner page I can see what post had the most Engagement between October 11, 2013 – January 4, 2014:

high engagement on facebook post

 In the image above I clicked on “Engagement” and then “Likes, Comments and Shares” so that I have the highest engaged post at the top.

You can see that this post got 7.3k Likes, Comments and Shares.

Now I want to grab the embed code so I click on the post itself — where I circled the post — by doing so a lightbox opens that shows this post only and gives me some additional Facebook Insights that can be pretty helpful:

facebook post lightbox

To get the embed code you click the dropdown arrow on the upper right hand portion of the post:

embed code for facebook posts

Once you click “Embed Post” you’ll see this:

copy facebook embed code

You can now copy the code and paste it into a blog post or anywhere on your website — as seen below:

If you don’t want to go the route of digging through your Insights to get the embed code simply go to any post on your timeline and click the dropdown arrow in the upper right hand corner of the post and click “Embed Post” — as shown here:

grab facebook embed code

A lightbox opens and you can grab the code from here:

facebook post embed code

Once I grab the code below is what it looks like after I embed it in this post:

So how does this get free likes on Facebook?

By adding these posts to this blog post I’m now exposing it to an even larger audience than might have seen the post on Facebook to begin with.

Email Marketing is Alive and Well!

email marketing isn't dead

If Josh sends this article out to our newsletter subscribers that’s 57,000 additional eyes these posts could be seen by!

And since email readers tend to be better quality followers than simple Facebook followers they are more likely to interact with the posts I’ve embedded.

You may recall in my post The Top 10 Benefits of a Facebook Page that our newsletter sends about 21k unique visitors to our site per month — therefore I’m almost guaranteed to have a large amount of people viewing this blog post which contains embedded Facebook posts.

This is why growing an email list is so important for your business — even if you are a small business.

At times I’m against email marketing as I’m 99.99% social media — meaning I don’t put much stock in emails I get. If it doesn’t show up on my news feed on Facebook it doesn’t exist to me!

But most people probably aren’t like that — at least not yet.

That’s why you should be running contests on your page using apps that gathers email addresses created by folks like Shortstack, Tabsite or Heyo.

If you need some help on promoting these contests that are free check out this blog post by Jim Belosic of Shortstack:

Grab those email addresses and then you have a way to contact them outside of Facebook — that isn’t filtered by an algorithm… Well except Gmails new tabs but that’s a whole other story!

Embedding Facebook Posts Tricks the News Feed Algorithm!

trick the facebook news feed

The cool thing about these embedded posts is someone can click on it to Comment, Like or Share right inside your blog post — making it an effortless way to get engagement.

It’s a great way to trick the Facebook News Feed Algorithm — and you don’t have to be a well-trained magician to do it!

And it didn’t cost you a dime!

What I really love about using embedded posts is you could revive an old post on your page by simply writing a blog post around it and embedding it.

With how the news feed algorithm now works this increased engagement on posts is crucial. The more people engage the more they see your next posts.

And with “Story Bumping” if people begin engaging with an older post it stands a chance in showing back up in the news feed of your followers or your followers friends.

Story Bumping according to Jon Loomer is:

Story Bumping is a tweak to Facebook’s sorting algorithm that will begin surfacing content you missed to the top of your News Feed.

For example, you log into Facebook at 9 am. You scroll down and see 50 stories. You miss a story that was beyond your scrolling. That story continues getting lots of comments, likes and shares, so the next time you check into Facebook that story is shown at the top.

Now I can’t guarantee you that a story that is 2 months old that suddenly gets more engagement will surface due to Story Bumping — but a recent post surely should.

Plus your page will still continue to improve due to the increased engagement on whatever post you embed.

To see how I’ve been using embedded posts in some recent blog posts check out these examples:


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