Facebook Reach Isn’t Down! Your Facebook Marketing Strategy Sucks!

Facebook Reach Isn’t Down! Your Facebook Marketing Strategy Sucks!

I keep hearing lots complaining that Reach is dead and lots of whining that Facebook is no longer good for pages as no one is seeing your posts.

I call bull!!

I started a page on the Sunday evening of December 29th while watching my Dallas Cowboys blow another chance at the playoffs. I started a page on the Sunday evening of December 29th while watching my Dallas Cowboys blow another chance at the playoffs.

It’s a page about one of my favorite subjects, Bigfoot… Within 4 days the page, called “Fans of Bigfoot“, has grown to over 2400 fans and the Reach has been through the roof…

See your Reach isn’t down because Facebook is penalizing you.

Your Reach is down because you have no strategy…

Or your Facebook Marketing Strategy Sucks!

reach isn't dead

Here is a quick screenshot of the stats from the first 4-5 days of the page:

Just to translate that to text the page had right around 2400 Likes and a total Reach of 74,000!

And as you can see the Likes, Comments and Shares are very high compared to the number of Likes.

Taking a look at the Post Reach you can see that each post is consistently seeing a super high Reach:

post reach

Notice that the first update on the list was posted about 2 hours before I took this screenshot and already has a Reach nearly equal to the number of Page Likes! I’m sure after 24 hours the number will exceed the Page Like count.

Why is the Reach so High on This Page?

This page has done so well so quickly because of a few things:

1) Targeted Likes

facebook targeted likes

I ran a $10 per day Page Like ad targeting people who were interested in Bigfoot and the show Finding Bigfoot.

Out of the 2400 Likes about 1600 have come from the ads.
I’ve spent about $40 which means I’m getting targeted Likes for about 2 cents each!

Boom! Boom!
People are interested in what I’m posting because I hyper targeted the page.

Plus the cost per Like is super inexpensive.

2) I Post Often

how much to post on facebook

Forget the so called “rules” that you should only post 2-3 times per day.

Post as often as you want as long as you are getting engagement.

My goal is to post every 3-4 hours with something informative or comical. (and yes at some point I will post links to buy merchandise)

You may recall a previous post about a page called “Whitetail Overload” that has grown to over 620k Likes.

If you look at their page they post a ton — throwing aside all the rules of thumb that the social media “gurus” have given.

3) Relevant Posts

I’m posting things that people want to share to their profile. 

Smart pages in every niche should do this.

Don’t just post about your specials or about your business. Mix it up!

This post below has gone crazy viral as it was just posted on several news sites and I got the jump on it over many of the major Bigfoot pages:

A smart page is always on top of news in their niche and keeps their fan base informed. The last thing you want to do is post something that 20 other pages in your niche has already covered.

I know the next argument I’m going to get from people:

But this is only because you created a page about Bigfoot. The Reach of a “real” business page is down!

I totally understand that remark and welcome it.
Let’s take a look at the Reach stats for our very own Post Planner page:

post planner reach

The first post shown won’t count as it was literally posted about 15 minutes after I did this screenshot. 

While the rest of the Reach stats aren’t as high as I got on my new Bigfoot page they are still better than what many are complaining about..

For example the 3rd post from the top got a Reach of 6.5k in less than 12 hours. That’s a Reach of about 14%. Far higher than the 2-3 % Reach being reported by some.

And keep in mind this Reach is Organic — not Paid.

If we had Boosted a post or did a Sponsored Story imagine how high our post ( which is an ad on Facebook ) might have been!

Here’s another “real world” example from the page of my bounce house business. The page has about 350 Likes so far and the majority or local.

space walk reach

The first post listed is only about 3 hours old as of writing this blog post but still has a Reach of 17% of current fans!

You can see the post on 12/30 had a Reach of about 40% — again that’s Organic Reach, not Paid.

I do want you to notice the post on 12/27 that has a Reach of 1.3k — that is a Boosted Post.

I only spent $5 to Boost the post and got a Reach 4 times as much as my current Like count — which resulted in about 15 new Likes…

While I can’t directly correlate this ad to a specific sale yet, if just 1 person rents that’s at least $100 in revenue off of a $5 Facebook Ad spend!

Why Am I Showing You All Of This?

why facebook

The point I hope I’m getting across to you is Reach isn’t down as drastically like many are reporting and Facebook pages aren’t dead.

Sure if you have an older page and haven’t done a good job posting consistent content or getting targeted fans your page might be dead.

But that’s not Facebook’s fault — that’s YOUR fault as the page owner…

For some this main mean starting a new page and ensuring that the Likes are targeted.

Or perhaps boosting every post for a few weeks to get engagement back up.

My recommendation to keep Reach and Engagement high is this, as mentioned above:

  • Get Targeted Likes — through targeted Facebook Ads. Never ask just your friends or followers to like your page, only get targeted Likes.
  • Post Often — Forget the tips many “gurus” have given (even me sometimes) about how many posts works best. If posting every 2 hours gets you great Reach and engagement then do it! Just because some “expert” who runs a social media niche page says they get the best engagement posting 3 times a day doesn’t mean that will work for your page.
  • Post Great Content — Your content needs to be relevant to your followers and timely. The best types of posts sometimes will be something funny. Sure you’re page may not be about comedy, but that funny post that just got 100 Likes sets up your next post that is a link post driving traffic to your website.


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