5 Reasons You Should NOT Run a Facebook Page for Your MLM Business

raise handRaise your hand if you or someone you know on Facebook posts often about a product they are selling?

Put your hand down silly — people are going to think you’re nuts!

On a daily basis I see friends and family members posting on Facebook about the newest product they are selling.

Maybe it’s candles, weight loss supplements, electricity, cell phones, 3D eye lashes or whatever.

While there’s nothing wrong with being involved with an MLM company it becomes rather obnoxious when all you talk about on your profile is the latest wares you are peddling.

Don’t get me wrong times are tough and I’m all for people making a buck — and I’m all for MLM/Direct Sell companies.

In fact I’ve been a member of many MLM companies and learned some hard lessons of what to do and not do on Facebook when it comes to selling.

Should You Start a Facebook Page for your MLM Business?

excitedMany people will join a new opportunity and get extremely pumped about the product, the compensation plan, bonuses and etc.

They blast out links constantly on their profile until they annoy everyone and then someone tells them they should start a Facebook business page to showcase their products and reach more people.

Fair enough — better to do business on a page anyway right?

So you start your page and ask all of your friends to LIKE it — whom you may have already annoyed posting about the product on your profile — and you start posting about the product, how great it is and etc.

No big deal right?

I’d say WRONG!

Here’s why…

5 Reasons You Should NOT Start a Facebook Page for Your MLM Business

1) You’ll Leave the Business

shiny-objectNo matter how much you love the product you are pushing the likelihood of you still selling that product 3, 6, 9, 12 months from now is pretty limited.

Most people in MLM companies fizzle out in 2-3 months.

They get bored or discouraged and move on to other things.

If you have created a page around a particular product and get out of that business your page is basically dead now and any work you’ve done on it is pointless.

2) Parent Company Goes Out of Business

What if you built a page around say the product Scentsy (as shown below) and at some point that company goes out of business?

scentsy facebook page

Now you’re left with a Scentsy related page with a few hundred followers that you can’t use.

They won’t be interested in hearing about another product you are peddling.

And typically Facebook won’t let you change the name after getting a certain amount of fans.

So now the page you’ve worked so hard on to get more Facebook Likes is useless.

3) MLM Company Does Not Allow You to Run a Facebook Page

not-approvedMany MLM companies do not technically allow you to create websites or Facebook pages using the company name.

You could find yourself getting removed as a distributor or worse yet get a cease and desist letter in the mail!

You should dive into your distributor agreement to see if you can even use the company’s name or logo online.

You’ll be shocked to see that most say you cannot do this.

Scentsy technically owns this page now and could probably make a submission to Facebook about a duplicate page and take it over.

If you dive into Facebook’s terms of service you’ll find that if you aren’t an official representative of a company you can’t run a page in the name of the company:

A Page for a brand, entity (place or organization), or public figure may be administered only by an authorized representative of that brand, entity (place or organization) or public figure (an “official Page”).

Unless you are Scentsy you shouldn’t have a page named Scentsy — or any other MLM product.

4) Causes Confusion

mass confusionI bet within 30 seconds I could name at least 30 of my personal friends and family that are selling some other MLM product.

Imagine if they — along with the millions of others selling products — all had a Facebook page about their MLM business!

There would be brand confusion.

Who is officially a rep from Scentsy? Can’t I just buy from any of them since it’s all the same product?

Too many pages about a product diminishes the product to me and causes confusion among consumers.

5) You’re Branding the Company Not YOU!

branding on facebookThis reason is the biggest reason to not start a Facebook page for your MLM business in my opinion.

Cortney Scott submitted her Scentsy page for me to review on a recent post on the Post Planner page and while I think the cover photo looks great I think Cortney is wasting her time with this page.

Minus her name being on the name of the page do you see Cortney branding herself in anyway in the Cover Photo or Profile Picture?


She’s branding the Scentsy company.

Great for Scentsy, bad for Cortney.

If another Scentsy rep pops up on Facebook those that have Liked Cortney’s page are likely to go and give that page a LIKE as well.

Now who do they buy from???

And again what happens when Cortney leaves Scentsy or they go out of business?

So What Should Distributors of MLM Product Do On Facebook?


You shouldn’t sell MLM products at all on Facebook.


Because after the 10th post you’ve annoyed everyone about your product and no one wants to talk to you — trust me I say this from first hand experience….

You likely won’t get any negative comments on your posts about the product you’re selling but you’ll also notice less and less comments on your posts — this is probably because people are hiding you from their news feed now.

I also advise against starting a Facebook page for your MLM business because of the 5 reasons above.

So what should you do to get the word out about your great product on Facebook??!

Be Relational.

Be Real.

Be Genuine.

Be Positive.

Be Giving.


See what I’ve learned over many years of studying MLM companies is that those that are the most successful never do a sales pitch — especially on Facebook.

Instead they live a life that is positive — both online and and off — and attract people to them.

I can think of many leaders in the direct selling industry that do this incredibly well and have a massive following and make loads of cash in MLM companies — yet I couldn’t tell you what product they are selling.

Guys like David Frey, Art Jonak, Mike Healy, Eric Worre and many others.


Because they let people chase them instead of chasing people.

Create a presence online where people ask you what you do for a living — instead of you puking it all over them with your 15 posts per day!

Keep conversations about your product to private messages (that others start, not started by you).

See selling products in the MLM industry is not about blasting 1000s of links per day on your Facebook profile, page or in Facebook groups.

It’s about building relationships with people 1-on-1.

And you can’t do that posting links on Facebook to buy your junk…

If you want to start a Facebook page start one around YOU!

Brand yourself as a motivational speaker or trainer or coach.

When it comes to posts on your Facebook page keep it light-hearted, positive and motivational.

Create a website or apps on your page that captures email addresses and etc. From there feel free to email about your products and offers.

But never try to sell your MLM product on Facebook. Let people ask you what you do…

What Do You Think?

I’m I being to harsh about this?

Can someone have long term success running their MLM opportunity on a Facebook page?

Sound off in the comments.. And be sure to share this with your MLM counterparts.