4 Facebook Posts Guaranteed to Get More Likes & Comments!

likes on facebook postsRaise your hand if you are looking to get more likes and comments on Facebook?

My guess is this statement is true for pretty much everyone.

Especially those that run a Facebook page.

If you hop over to Google and search for “Get More Likes on Facebook Posts ” you’ll get 315,000,000 results!

get more likes on facebook posts

And pardon me if I point out (brag) that 2 of the top results happen to be I wrote on the Post Planner blog!

I show you this screenshot only to prove to you that there are a ton of people searching for more ways to get Likes on their Facebook posts — and subsequently there are tons of bloggers trying to give advice on how to get more Likes on Facebook posts.

I’ve written on it numerous times and 99% of the time you may notice that my advice stays consistent and is rather similar.

I want to re-visit the topic today and give you some easy to digest graphics to both view and share with others.

4 Facebook Posts to Get More Likes & Comments

posts for more likes

So let me break down this image for you to truly grasp what I’m trying to convey.

1) Post Pictures

post photos

It’s long been a “known” fact by Facebook Marketers that posting photos will get engagement — this is still true today.

The reason for this is we are a very visual society and the more our world — and Facebook users — use mobile devices only, the more being visually appealing will be important for pages on Facebook.

Pictures and graphics are quicker to digest than a simple text update and are easier to share.

Plus photos catch our attention easier than a simple text update.

Some advice on posting pictures to Facebook:

  • Don’t violate any copyrights — I’m no lawyer but don’t slap your logo on an image that you didn’t create
  • When possible post graphics you created
  • Use photos you take yourself with your camera or phone — just make sure it isn’t blurry
  • Don’t clutter the graphic with too much text
  • Mix it up — don’t just post photos
  • Don’t post photos if you’re trying to drive traffic to a website — that’s what link posts are for

2) Fill in the Blank Updates

fill in the blanks

If you love getting comments on your Facebook posts then post Fill-in-the blank updates!

In general I’ve found that people love to give their input on these types of updates.

Some advice on posting Fill-in-the blank updates on Facebook:

  • Keep the update short — 80-100 characters
  • Make the post personal — appeal to the users’ senses or emotions
  • Require short answers — if the blank involves writing a sentence comments will be low, but if it’s 1 word you’ll see results
  • Don’t be afraid to get off topic — not every update has to be about your product/business/niche so feel free to say something like :

My all-time Favorite Band is ________.

3) Ask Questions

ask questions

On the Post Planner Facebook page asking questions has always performed very well for us.

My advice on asking questions is:

  • Keep the question short — 100-140 characters long (like a tweet)
  • Ask Questions that can be answered in 1 to 2 words
  • Asking Yes/No or Like/Dislike questions get great results
  • Multiple Choice questions are favored as well — But keep the choices to 3 or less!

4) Run a Facebook Contest

facebook contests

**Disclaimer- I LOVE contests — especially on Facebook. I’ve won countless contests from free apps, t-shirts and even a 55 inch Samsung LCD TV valued over $3500!!! Thanks Nick Unsworth!!

The great thing today about Facebook contests on pages is the rules have for the most part been eliminated.

You no longer are required to house your contest inside a 3rd party app on your page — although there is still tons of reasons to use an app to run your contest.

Today you can simply post a status update to your page and ask your fans to Like or Comment to enter the contest.

That’s it!

Across all niches I have seen contests get great results — and I truly believe your page can see results with contests as well.

Some advice on running a Facebook Contest:

  • Give away a prize related to your business — you don’t need to give away an iPad!
  • Keep the entry period short — for contests run purely on Liking or Commenting on a post I’d start and end the contest within 7 days.
  • Follow through — makes sure to actually award the prize!
  • If you’re running a Timeline only contest (ones that only require a Like or Comment to enter) remember you cannot require entrants to share the post to enter. You can encourage it, but that cannot be the method of entry.
  • Combine a Timeline only contest and a contest in an app — You could require entry to your contest to be something such as “Like this post and enter your email address at the link below in order to enter.” This way you get the engagement on your page — which helps your news feed rankings — and you get an email address to further market to later.

Hopefully you’ve found that these 4 types of posts while being simple are rather effective at increasing the Likes and Comments on your Facebook posts.

Curious how a complete graphic moron like me created these graphics for the post? Stay tuned for another blog post where I reveal an app that will eliminate the need to learn Photoshop and is tailor made for creating images for Facebook!